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Baby Babble


Rating: five stars


Award of ExcellenceThe Bottom Line

This surprisingly engaging video/DVD is devoted to both enhancing language development and entertaining young children. Babies and toddlers won't notice the fact that the video is low budget. Instead, they will be charmed and entertained by the engaging content.

Ages: 3 months-3years   Subject: Early Learning  Publisher: Talking Child
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 cover Product Overview

Created by speech-language pathologists, Baby Babble is an engaging and humorous video that has an agenda—to promote speech and language. At first glance, the video seems similar to others in the growing genre of baby videos. However, Baby Babble stands out for its educational and entertainment value.

The sounds and words used in the video are carefully selected to target children ages 3 months to 3 years. The video features toys and sequences that appeal to children, but it's the accompanying sounds and narration that distinguishes the title from others. Verbal sound effects accompany many of the toy sequences, and sign language is also incorporated into the scenes (signs for "eat" and "help", for example). Women making facial expressions and sounds (such as clucking sounds and tongue sticking out) seemed odd at first, but these sequences are deliberately chosen to encourage young children to imitate and develop facial coordination. One sequence features a ball rolling down a ramp, and the narration is as follows: "Ball; d-d-d-down, down, ball down". Words are carefully enunciated, objects are counted, colors are named, animal sounds and body parts are introduced, and concepts (such as in/out) are demonstrated.

Humor is abundant in Baby Babble—the kind of humor and silliness that babies love to experience and predict. In fact, prediction skills are encouraged throughout the video. The video is low-budget, but kids as young as those in the target audience are not impressed by snazzy graphics. This video is truly charming. The bulk of the 45-minute video is aimed at children, and a parent segment follows the feature. The parent segment contains truly valuable suggestions for encouraging speech development.


Dollar Value
The video retails for approximately $16.99 US; and the DVD edition is available for a suggested retail price of $19.99 US.

Released: 2003
Reviewed: September 2004

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