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Video Release: 3/15/2004

Baby Babble

Dove Family-Approved
Suitable for all ages

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Reviewer: Judy Mate'
Source: Video
Talking Child LLC
Cory Poland, Amy Chouinard
45 min.
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Baby Babble engages young children with fascinating toys and charming music, while introducing age-appropriate speech and language concepts, facial exercises, and sign language.

Dove Worldview:
My comments are strictly as a reviewer, and not an expert on linguistics/speech pathology. The two young women who produced this video are pediatric speech pathologists. Their credentials are evident in this well organized video for babies and toddlers. They've got all the baby sounds down pat! The sounds we all remember making to our babies, "ba-ba, oh-oh, goo-goo", along with catching the child's eye with a toy or stuffed animal, are what is incorporated into this video. I would recommend this video to a first-time mother of any age. I particularly liked the 12-step tutorial, which gives specific input to the new mother from the time the baby is 2 months old. There is also a segment on sign language, which the producers claim will increase the child's speaking and comprehension skills.

Content Description:
There is nothing objectionable in this video.

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