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Baby Babble™ Speech Enhancing Video for Babies and Toddlers Now on DVD!

Minneapolis, MN, April 30, 2004 - Talking Child, LLC proudly announced the DVD release of Baby Babble™ - Speech Enhancing Video for Babies and Toddlers, which focuses on speech sounds and communication in addition to language. Designed for babies and toddlers ages 3 to 30 months, the Baby Babble™ DVD exposes young children to age-specific sounds and words that lay the groundwork for future communication.

Baby Babble™ - Speech Enhancing Video for Babies and Toddlers is a captivating experience that exposes young children to age-specific sounds and words. Babies will experience simple sign language, amusing facial exercises, and beginning speech sounds and words while colorful toys and carefully arranged music stimulate their imagination. Parents will learn how to encourage speech and language at home in an educational tutorial designed by pediatric speech therapists. The first video of its kind, Baby Babble™ combines playful, enriching experiences with clinically-inspired speech and language techniques.

Created by speech pathologists, Baby Babble features a child segment and parent tutorial. The child segment includes 1) facial exercises that promote muscle coordination, 2) sign language that empowers children to communicate before they master spoken language, 3) sounds that encourage babbling and sound play, 4) words that stimulate imitation, and 5) phrases that promote sequencing. The 12-step parent tutorial offers an introduction to speech development and provides answers to questions such as "What should my child be saying?" and "What can I do to encourage my child's speech?"

"We developed Baby Babble™ to meet the communication needs of children ages 3 to 30 months -- from infants that coo and goo, to beginning babblers, new talkers, and phrase builders. Baby Babble™ meets young children at their level so that they can master basic speech sounds before they begin to say words and phrases -- just as they will learn to walk before they learn to run," said co-founder Cory Poland from Indianapolis.

"The Baby Babble™ video incorporates the most important aspects of child language development with colorful toys and engaging music," said Amy Chouinard, co-founder from Minneapolis. "Our parent tutorial teaches techniques that we use in our private practices. The techniques are simple but powerful."

Last month Baby Babble VHS was awarded the Dove Foundation Recommended Family Viewing Seal of Approval. Reviewer Judy Mate' said, "I particularly liked the 12-step tutorial, which gives specific input to the new mother from the time the baby is 2 months old."

By combining sounds, words, and sign language with carefully composed music, Baby Babble offers an educational and enriching alternative to the musically oriented baby videos that dominate the marketplace.

Baby Babble™ - Speech Enhancing Video for Babies and Toddlers" (VHS) is available nationwide. For additional information visit our website at ($16.99 SRP for the VHS, $19.99 SRP for the DVD). Approximate running time 45 minutes. Ages 3-30 months.

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