Baby Babble™ Recommended by the Video Librarian Magazine

July/August 2004 Vol. 19

Baby Babble™ 3/4 Stars (2003) 45 min. VHS: $16.99 (leaflet included).
Talking Child. PPR, Color cover.

Created by two speech pathologists, Baby Babble™ looks like umpteen other Baby Einstein knockoffs with their close-ups of toys intercut with stock footage and accompanied by classical music, but this tape actually has a purpose: language instruction, through the addition of simple words in voiceovers ("Ball. Ball down. Ball fall down.") to give children verbal labels to accompany the visuals, as well as close-ups of the presenters' faces making vowel sounds for viewers to mimic (which helps the muscles they need for speech).

The final section of the program is geared toward parents and features 12 steps for improving speech capabilities in children, as well as 10 basic signs in American Sign Language to help pre-verbal babies communicate their needs. A useful leaflet on child language development is also enclosed.

Aud: K, P.
(R. Reagan)

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