School Library Journal says Baby Babble "goes beyond simple vocabulary and focuses on language acquisition".

July 2004

Baby Babble, videocassette. color. approx 45 min. Talking Child. 2003, $16.99.

PreS--Created by two speech/language pathologists, this video utilizes toys and music to engage babies from ages 3-30 months while introducing them to appropriate speech and language concepts, including sign language. The video is divided into two segments: a child portion and an adult tutorial. In the section for children, the ideas presented include facial exercises that promote muscle coordination, sign language and basic sounds that encourage babbling, words that stimulate imitation, and phrases that promote sequencing. The vivid and colorful scenes will entrance babies and young toddlers. The production is interactive, encouraging children to participate by imitating the sounds and actions that they see and hear. First time parents will be pleased with a 12-step tutorial that answers basic questions that they may have about their child's language and speech development. There is also a tutorial that teaches viewers ten basic signs. A chart of basic child language development skills is included. The video fills a niche in the public library as it goes beyond simple vocabulary and focuses on language acquisition using not only words but some sounds as well. A useful purchase for large public libraries.

Maren Ostergard, Bellevue Regional Library, King County Library System, WA.

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