Beginning Talker Starter Kit (Set of 8)

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Beginning Talker Starter Kit (Set of 8)


Set Includes:
1. Baby Babble DVD
2. Baby Babble 2 - P, B, M DVD
3. Baby Babble 3 - T, D, N DVD
4. Baby Babble - Beginning Words
5. Baby Babble - Real World
6. Let's Talk Together Activity Book
7. Vocalomotion Song CD
8. Conversation Station music CD

This set is the perfect beginning talker starter kit to encourage first words. The Baby Babble Series is an award winning series designed to expose your child to early developing sounds and words. Baby Babble 1, 2, 3, Beginning Words & Real World are engaging speech-enhancing videos prepared by speech-language pathologists for both you and your precious child. Each video contains a child segment that your child can watch repeatedly to practice new words and sounds. A parent tutorial is also included with numerous tips and ideas for parents.

The Let's Talk Together Book provides over 55 home activities for early speech and language development. Let's Talk Together includes favorite language activities that take place in a child's natural environment -- including but not limited to mealtime, indoor play, outdoor play, car time, and night time routines.

2 Speech Practice music CDs are also included in the Beginning Talker Starter Kit. The Vocalomotion Song CD is uniquely different from the other CDs as it has no singing. Every song is done with rhythm and instrumentals in a speaking-rap style. Conversation Station music CD combines imitation practice with conversation!

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