Dog Puppet

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Dog Puppet

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Puppets will entertain and stimulate the imagination of any child! The dog hand puppet has a big mouth and the special ability to “swallow” food or plastic food. Children who are fearful of eating by mouth enjoy the playfulness and delight in eating when shared with a puppet! These puppets can create a relaxed, playful approach to eating and the presence of food.

This dog puppet can also be used to demonstrate the correct oral placement for the lips to produce vowels and bilabial phonemes. Have your child try and imitate the sound or word the puppet is saying. Children love to mimic the sounds the puppet says.

You can also use this puppet to teach colors, numbers, shapes and the alphabet. For example, have your child “feed” the puppet a plastic letter and tell the puppet what letter it is. If the child names the correct letter, the puppet will “swallow” the letter, if incorrect, the puppet will spit the letter out. (As Seen on Baby Babble). Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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