Coffee Can and Tin Can Crafts

Use these craft ideas to work on building speech and language with your child. These crafts are wonderful for eliciting sounds and words as well as working on repetition. Please note some of the pages may take a few seconds to load. It's worth the wait! Resource information provided by

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Coffee Can Crafts - A

Angel Pencil- This angel craft is a great change holder if you're saving for a charity (it makes it that much more fun when an angel is guarding the gift).

Coffee Can Crafts - B

Bat Treat Cup - Find out how to use a tin can to make a treat cup that looks like a bat.

Blue and Gold Nut and Candy Cups - Recycled International Coffee tins, construction paper, and a sticker from the Boy Scout store make up this cup for your nuts and candy.

Bonko - Make this bonko out of old cans and make a bonko for after-dinner music

Bunny Rabbit and More - Bunny Rabbit Pencil Holder

Coffee Can Crafts - C

Can Basket- These little baskets can be filled with Easter grass and candy, or small toys. You can also use them for fresh or silk flowers.

Can Cans - This is a great project for building self esteem at the same time that you promote recycling.  If you do it as a group, have members of the group write compliments to each other to either add to the outside of the can or to store inside it. 

Goodie Cans - Make these fun goodie cans.

Can Stilts - A fun craft to make out of large juice cans.

Canadian Wind Sock - You can make a Canadian wind sock from an oatmeal box, construction paper, string, and crepe paper streamers.

Castle Pencil Cup - Pencil bags are boring. This pencil cup looks magical and is perfect for any desk. Make one today and you'll be the ruler of homework.

Cauldron Desk Accessory - A new craze in reading wizard books has brought about interest in Wizard crafts. Here is an easy craft to make and store your paperclips, rubber bands, or other desk accessories.

Classroom Treat Container - Create a cool can to carry your pencils using a Pringles potato chip canister

Chanukah Gift Can - Recycle a food can into a pretty Chanukah gift can!

Christmas Gift Can - Need to wrap a small gift? Recycle a can!

Clipart Candleholders - this project has a purpose of giving active children a chance to make something beautiful away from the computer while learning about the process of image manipulation on the computer.

Coffee Can Bank - This is an great way to make a personalized bank out of an old coffee can. This is a craft that your children can use for a long time.

Coffee Can Painting (AKA marble painting) - Abstract art for the younger set.

Coffee Can Feeder - Make this easy feeder to provide seed for your backyard birds.

Coffee Can Crafts - D

Daddy's Caddy - Instructions to make a neat container - tool caddy gift for someone special

Decorated Cans - These make cool storage for craft items or toys.

Decorative Bank with a Pringles Can - An easy and decorative way to save money.

Decoupaged Coloring Bank - Instructions for making a fun bank using a coffee can

Coffee Can Crafts - E

Elephant Pencil Holder - Not only is this pencil holder cute, but it is useful as well!

Eyeball Picture - Use a couple of tuna cans to make this unique eyeball picture

Coffee Can Crafts - F

Festive Pringles Container - How to make a fun container using a Pringles potato chip container

Flattened Can Flag - "Painting flags on cans has been around for quite a while, so this is not a new idea, but I wanted to share the one I made to display all year."

Frog Bank - Here is a funny frog who will help you save your money. Just lift up his tounge and he will swallow it right down.

Coffee Can Crafts - G

Giraffe Pencil Holder - Giraffe Pencil Holder from can and paper mache

Goodie Can - Make a goodie can out of pringles chip cans.

Coffee Can Crafts - H

Halloween Lantern - Make a halloween lantern out of a soda can.

Coffee Can Crafts - J

Jelly Bean Cauldron - A new craze in reading wizard books has brought about interest in Wizard crafts. Here is an easy craft to create to hold your jelly beans, rats, frogs<, bats, or other creatures at the party table.

Coffee Can Crafts - K

Kitchen Utensil Holder - Make a Kitchen Utensil Holder using any container or can.

Kwanzaa Gift Can - Give your gift in a recycled can painted for Kwanzaa.

Coffee Can Crafts - L

LadyBug Treasure Holder - Instructions for making a ladybug using a tuna can.

Lunch Money Locket - A kid will never lose his lunch money again if he keeps it in this homemade -- yet eminently stylish -- locket made from a common mint tin.

Coffee Can Crafts - M

Message Bird Can - Make a message bird can - A bird that carries a message in its beak.

Musical Maracas - Make these cool musical maracas

Coffee Can Crafts - N

Nutcracker Decoration - Make creative 'nutcrackers' with Pringles Potato Chip cans, felt, and trims. Children ages 8 and up should be able to do this project with minimum help. This is a project where each child's creativity can shine.

Coffee Can Crafts - P

Patriotic Wind Sock - You can make a patriotic wind sock from an oatmeal box, construction paper, string, and crepe paper streamers.

Peanut Toss Game - Make and play this unique and fun game

Pen Holder Collage - Make a pen holder featuring someone's favorite things - any hobby or interest can be used, you just need pictures of the thing you want to put on it!

Photo Flower Arrangement- Instructions for making a unique flower arrangement

Pin Cushion< - This gift will be a useful and pretty one that the receiver can use all year long!

Pop Soda Can Critters - You can make it as a human or an animal or a totally made up critter.

Pringles Can Bird Castles - Make a castle for birds out of pringles chip cans.

Pringles Can Mailbox - Create a cool mailbox using a Pringles potato chip canister.

Pringles Pinhole Camera - Recycle a chip can into a simple camera.

Coffee Can Crafts - S

Scarecrow of Tin - Make a scarecrow made out of tin.

Simple Cookie Container< - Make this simple cookie holder using a coffee can.

Soda Can Characters - Aluminum is one of the easiest materials to recycle, and it can be made into many new products. The best thing to do with empty cans you collect is take them to a recycling center or drop-off site, but with a little imagination, you can use smashed cans for art materials.

Coffee Can Crafts - T

Tag ID Necklaces< - These shiny, lightweight ID tags, cut from disposable aluminum pie tins, can be worn as jingly pendants or clipped to backpacks or gym bags

Time Capsule Craft - Instructions for kids to make a special Time Capsule to help celebrate New Year's Day.

Tin Can Train - Don't let looks fool you. Assembling a shiny freewheeling toy train like this one is a cinch -- the pieces are simply stuck or clipped together. Chances are, most of the parts you'll need for this model-making project are ready and waiting in your recycling bin.

Tin Can Totem Poles - Nothing sets the mood at summer camp like a totem pole, especially one flickering in the light of a bonfire. Make a tin can version for your backyard camp by painting your family portraits on coffee cans.

Toadville - Attract toads to your garden in a creative way!

Toilet Paper Storage Gift Idea - A long-lasting, easy and useful gift idea to make for those that don't have a lot of storage in their bathroom and can be made to match any decor.

Coffee Can Crafts - U

Uncle Same Vase - Make an Uncle Sam Vase for 4th of July

Coffee Can Crafts - W

Wishing Well - Instructions for making a miniature wishing well using a tin can and popsicle sticks

Witch Pringles - Make a witch out of a pringles can and craft sticks.

Coffee Can Crafts - Y

Yankee Doodle Dandy Drum - Strike up the band and join the parade with this dandy drum.

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