Leaf Crafts

Use these craft ideas to work on building speech and language with your child. These crafts are wonderful for eliciting sounds and words as well as working on repetition. Please note some of the pages may take a few seconds to load. It's worth the wait! Resource information provided by artistshelpingchildren.org.

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Kid's Leaf Crafts - A

Autumn Door Hanger - Use raffia, construction paper, glue, and markers to make this very cute doorhanger. You can even go on a walk and collect your own leaves to use on the hanger.

Kid's Leaf Crafts - B

Bulletin Board - Have your kids make scarecrows or leaves to decorate your Fall bulletin board at home or in school. The leaves make a nice border around the scarecrows.

Kid's Leaf Crafts - C

Collecting and Pressing Fall Leaves - Fall, or Autumn, is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. As the leaves start to change color in many parts of the world a natural scene of beauty unfolds. You can capture that beauty easily by collecting and preserving the colored leaves....it's easy!

Candle - Capture the beauty of fall permanently in a candle. These leaf candles make a great project for the kids that will give you a head start on your Christmas list.

Kid's Leaf Crafts - F

Fall Leaf Ideas - Gather together some leaves that have fallen from the trees with your child. Make sure the leaves are not real crispy, you should be able to bend and move them without them breaking up on you... then do this craft with your child.

Fall Leaf Print - This is a great project for any age. The colors come from the chlorophyll in the leaves. Make this craft into a science lesson about leaves.

Fall Maple Tree - Make this great kids craft from leaf patterns, wax paper, and coffee filters. This craft is a lot of fun.

Family Tree - Make a child's family tree from a small tree branch and construction paper. You can acquaint your child with their ancestry by making this simple and pretty family tree. Your family member's names will be on the tree leaves. This is a great craft to make into a Social Studies Lesson about your child's Ancestors.

Fun Leaf Crafts - Here are four leaf crafts that your children will definately enjoy. Making beautiful artwork using nature is so much fun.

Kid's Leaf Crafts - H

Harvest of Leaf Prints - These one-time leaf prints preserve the beauty and lessons of nature forever.

Kid's Leaf Crafts - L

Leaf Collection - Take a nature walk with your child to collect all different kind of leaves. Bring them home and then do this craft to save your child's leaf collection.

Leaf Art - Help your child make this incredible nature mural using paint, leaves, pine needles and flowers.

Leaf Beating Project - This project combines your kids' most primal gathering instincts with another activity they love: banging rocks.

Leaf Bursts - Make this beautiful artwork with your child by using leaves and paint. This craft is perfect for even the youngest preschooler.

Leaf Collage Craft - Instructions for making a fun Autumn leaf collage. Take your kids on a nature walk to collect leaves and then help them make a collage with what they have collected.

Leaf Mobile - Here is a beautiful leaf mobile that you can make with your kids. They will need your help with this craft, but this project is a lot of fun.

Leaf People Craft - Instructions for making a fun Autumn leaf person. This is a very cute craft to do with your kids.

Leaf Print Magic - Show your child a bit of magic simply by putting a piece of paper over a leaft and having your child rub a crayon over the paper. Does your child see anything appear magically?

Leaf Print Note Cards - Make these beautiful not cards with your child using leaves. Your child will love making something useful.

Leaf Scribbles - Help your toddler choose a few leaves off the tree and then do this craft. This is a great creative,science,or sensory idea for your child.

Leaf Skeletons - Do this amazing craft with your child. There is boiling water and bleach involved with this craft, so Parent must help with these parts of the craft.

Leaf Stenciling - Adult participation in this craft is recommended, but you and your child will love this craft. This poject comes out so pretty.

Leaf Suncatcher - Instructions on how to make an amazing suncatcher out of leaves. Help your child with this craft poject and then hang the completed item in a sunlit window.

Leaf Wreath - Making this wreath is a great way for kids to pass the time waiting for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Lovely Leaf Glitter - Using dry leaves and paint make natural glitter that is so naturally beautiful.

Lucky Clover Bookmark - Although it would be nice to use a four-leaf clover for this craft, the more common three-leaf variety will do very well indeed! The bookmark will be lucky, in that it will help prevent you from losing your place when you stop reading!

Kid's Leaf Crafts - M

Mable Leaf - Mable is quite the cute little Maple leaf. Her favorite pastime is cheering. Her favorite things to cheer for are the Calgary Flames, the Toronto Blue Jays, the beginning of spring and Chuck the Cannuck.

Magic Leaf Drawing - This is an easy way to make an image of a leaf, using a real leaf, a piece of paper and a crayon (or crayons).

Maple Leaf Craft - Leave the leaves out on the table with various of crafts supplies and let the children make up their own crafts. You may be surprised with what they come up with!

Kid's Leaf Crafts - N

Nature Collage - Take the children out for a walk to identify trees and collect leaves. Then create a nature collage at home - as big as you can!

Kid's Leaf Crafts - O

Oak Leaf Cuts - Oak Leaf Cuts were made by the early settlers of eastern Canada as a decoration for their homes and to remind themselves of the coming spring during long, cold winters. You can make them for your home using tree and bush leaves that grow in your area. Your child will need your help with this craft, but it will be so much fun.

Owl - A neat fall craft using dried leaves. Using leaves that are bright red or yellow looks really nice!

Kid's Leaf Crafts - P

Palm Leaf Fold and Cut Craft - This is a fun Palm Sunday craft that works a lot like cutting out paper snowflakes. The fronds end up being large enough that the children can carry them around waving them for a Palm Sunday parade.

Placemat Craft - Use real leaves and clear contact paper to make this easy placemat. Your kids will love eating off placemats they helped to make.

Kid's Leaf Crafts - R

Rainforest Decorative String - Make a rainforest liana vine to decorate a room. This simple-to-make string make a great classroom or home decoration. It represents a rainforest vine full of leaves, flowers, butterflies, caterpillars, snakes, lizards, sloths, and other life. You can drape the colorful string around the classroom, from the ceiling, or over the windows.

Kid's Leaf Crafts - S

String of Leaves - Make a string of leaves to decorate a room. These simple-to-make strings make a great Fall or Thankgsiving decoration. You can drape the strings across rooms, over windows and from the chandeliers.

Kid's Leaf Crafts - T

Thankful Wreath of Leaves - You and your child can make a beautiful wreath of leaves that displays what your child is thankful for. This wreath makes a great Autumn or Thankgsiving decoration.

Tree Craft - Your children will absolutely love this craft. You will actually be creating the tree craft by painting your childs arm and hand and putting the print on paper. The child will then be using his or her painted fingertips for the leaves.

Twig Construction - Each child will design and make a twig and leaf shelter to accommodate a toy 5cm teddy. Kids will love making this craft project to keep their favorite stuffed animal in.

Kid's Leaf Crafts - W

Wreath of Leaves - Make an eerie wreath of orange and black leaves for Halloween.

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