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Siren Whistle

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Siren Whistle

This is a quality siren whistle. Whistles are an amazing way to work on speech without your child knowing it!. Many of the mouth positions used for blowing whistles of different shapes are also used in producing speech sounds. Whistles are a wonderful tool for children with apraxia and low muscle tone. Not only this but they are great party favors!

This whistle encourages prolonged airflow. One end can be used for blowing and the other end for inhaling. Children who do not yet understand the concept of blowing air out are still reinforced because the whistle also works by inhaling air. The siren sound is very reinforcing to children! It generates pretend play because of the “siren” sound.

Our whistles are hand picked! The shape and size of the mouth piece allows children to work on tongue placement for specific sounds for speech development. The child will learn how to lower their jaw -- the same mouth movements used to say certain vowels and consonant sounds.

Colors may vary. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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