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Baby Babble - Beginning Words DVD
$19.99 In Stock!
will ship when in stock
Baby Babble DVD
$19.99 $17.99
Speech Enhancing DVD for Babies and Toddlers
Baby Babble 2 DVD (Vol 2)
$19.99 $18.99
First Words: P, B & M
Baby Babble 3 DVD (Vol 3)
Next Words with T, D & N.
Assorted Whistle Set (Set of 5)
$9.49 $7.49
Teach your child mouth movements for speech.
Honey Bear Cup with Straw
$6.99 $5.99
Transition your child from bottle to cup!
Original Pustefix Bubble Bear
$9.99 $7.99
Push on the bear's belly and the wand pops-up!
Bilabial Sounds Oral Motor Kit
$9.45 $8.99
Stimulate vowels, lip rounding, & /p, b, m/ sounds
Alveolars & More Oral Motor Kit
$10.96 $9.99
Helps tongue retraction & sounds /t, d, f, v, r/
Silibant Sounds Oral Motor Kit
$11.45 $9.99
Stimulate lip protrusion & sounds /s, z, sh, ch/
Nasal Sounds Oral Motor Kit
$3.99 $3.49
Stimulates /n, m, ng/ and helps mouth breathers
Candy Stamper (Set of 3)
Lick them, stamp them, eat them!
13 Honey Bear Cups Bulk Discount
Buy 12 and we will send a Baker's Dozen
Green Knobby Chewy Tube
Oral Sensory Stimulation
Large Maroon Spoons (2-Pack)
$4.49 $3.49
A favorite for feeding therapy
Pink Flexi Cut Nosey Cup - Small
$2.99 $1.99
Help your child learn to drink from a cup.
Blue Flexi Cut Nosey Cup - Large
$3.49 $2.49
Help teach drinking skills!
Red Chewy Tube - Medium
$7.99 $6.79
Perfect to practice chewing
Yellow Chewy Tube - Small
$7.99 $6.79
Provides tactile mouth input
Nuk Brush
$4.99 $3.49
Great for oral stimulation!
Baby Safe Feeder
$6.25 $4.99
Transition from sucking to chewing
Featured Item

Conversation Station Song CD
$16.99 $16.49
Wonderful for speech practice

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